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Pack Up Your Bags

We're moving! We are now located at caffrey_burke. Please update your links, go join over there, and get posting!

Your Input Needed

Okay, so it's less than two weeks until the premiere, and all indications is that Peter's last name for the series is Burke. It costs money for a rename (and I'm not even sure you can rename a community).

So the question is: should we start up a caffrey_burke community and move camp over there?


I just created a community for White Collar! whitecollar_tv

Hope to see you there! :)
I'm also looking for mods. Comment here if you're interested.

New Promo!

Basically the same as the other promos, with a few new clips thrown in.

ETA: It doesn't want to embed, so go here to view.

Bad maintainer is bad

I haven't been able to keep a close eye on the comm, with college sucking most of my time and energy lately, so I really need some mods and maybe even a co-maintainer. If you're interested, please post a response here and I'll grant it as soon as possible. I'm not looking for much, just some people who are able to keep an eye on things and maybe update the profile if needed. Also someone who is able to start discussion posts, as I am currently unsure if I'll have cable when the show starts. Thank you so much to anyone who responds.



So the official site has a bit more information up now... including character profiles on Neil Caffrey & Peter Burke.

Premiere Date!

We now have an actual date (instead of the general month of October) to look forward to!

White Collar will be premiering FRIDAY OCTOBER 23 @ 10/9C.

Promo shoot!

Official promo shoot photos for season 1 have been released at various sites around the interwebz.

Relevant to our interests:Collapse )

Twitter + more promo vids

White Collar now has an official Twitter feed.

Not much there yet, but they've linked to a page with 4 promo videos for the series, of which the last one is really slashy, including the line...Collapse )

Pilot Stills

I am filled with glee that this comm exists!

The SpoilerTV blog already has a White Collar section, & they've posted 40 hi-res stills from the pilot!

Some are fairly spoilery, so caveat lector!

Prettiest & Non-Spoileryest x 6Collapse )